"Buy Handcrafted Shoes at your choice of place and time"

At Fellmonger we take pride in creating world class handcrafted leather shoes and provide an experience which more personal and less transactional.
In this competitive world of online shopping, we decided to bridge the gap between picture and the product.
We strongly believe that Touch and feel of the product in person enhances user experience and affirms the trust in the product and the brand as well.

Fellmonger proudly presents to you its "TRY & BUY" model where all your inhibitions of purchasing a shoe online will fade away.
Imagine trying the shoe at the comfort of your home and office at your preferred timing. Voila!

Well we made it possible and you can do so in 3 simple steps:-

Step 1: Fill in your details in the form below.
Step 2: Choose your preferred date and time for the visit
Step 3: Mention the kind of product you are interested in trying and also add a personal note for your foot type or any other preference.

That's it! Our representative will be there at the chosen time and date and we will take it ahead from there with all the ease.
The service is absolutely free and it's ok if you don't feel like buying post the visit. (But the odds are next to impossible trust us)

Fill in the form to book your appointment today!

(NOTE: This Model is only active for Delhi/NCR at the moment)