"Customize your shoes just the way you like"

At Fellmonger, we offer more than 700 designs on our website. But we don't stop there.
We understand with fast changing fashion and a sense of uniqueness kicking in, there are some personal touches one likes to add to make their pair
as unique as they are.

Many of you have have collected shoe designs from all over the internet. Well, its time we bring them to life
with our precision driven "Picture to Product" customization. You send us a picture, we make and send you that exact shoe. Period!

As far as customization goes there are a wide array of services that we offer. Some of them are :-

-> Custom Design making
-> Personalized Last made as per your foot
-> Goodyear welting
-> Hand painted patina finishing in your choice of shade
-> Mirror Gloss
-> Shoe Refurbishment and Resoling (Any brand's shoe is welcome)
-> Initials and other custom details
-> Embroidery and Handwork
-> Adding Metal Toe Plates to any of your shoes

So come Indulge in an experience of creating your very own Custom shoes with our Made to Order service only at Fellmonger.

Just Fill in the form and we will revert within 24 hours.


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