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Burgundy Longwing DerbiesBurgundy Longwing Derbies
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Burgundy Longwing Derbies

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Brown + White Spectator Captoes

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Black Medallion Derby

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Black Classic Plain Derby

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Shop classic men’s derby shoes

Derby shoes are the most reliable men's shoes that assure style with comfort. Men’s derby shoes are the best lace-up shoes to buy if you are preparing for your first interview or going to attend an important event. While the structure of the shoe is described as durable, the shoe nevertheless makes your appearance subtle and stylish. Moreover, they are versatile in nature and can be styled with different outfits to create unique looks. Fellmonger takes pride in exclusively handcrafted subtle men's derby shoes. The shoes are designed to suit your classy and bold personality. Created with expert craftsmanship, every pair of shoes speaks the quality of leather, resulting in timeless pieces of art.

Buy Derby shoes online

Buy brown and black derby shoes made from smooth and durable leather that are comfortable and effortlessly stylish. Feel the comfort of quality and craftsmanship from Woods the moment you slip them on.

Fellmonger ensures that every single pair of men’s derby shoes is completely hand-burnished to create a versatile look. The 150+ collection allows you to choose the best for yourself. Moreover, you can connect with us via email or WhatsApp to get measurements for an accurate fit.

Durable sole and upper finishing

For the finest creation, we use Argentinian leather, Rubberised EVA, Rubber sole, and Lightweight Tunit sheet. The adept professionals at Fellmonger create a glossy look with the hand-burnished finish and Patina finish.

What is the best way to style men's derby shoes?

A suit, shirt, and tie should be worn with dress derbies. Pick a relaxed style, such as chunky or suede derbies, to wear casually. Combine casual derbies with jeans to create a laidback look with a touch of polish. Dress in smart casual style with black derbies and chinos.

Let's go dapper

You should choose derby shoes if you wish to wear them for formal occasions. If you want to accomplish the perfect attire, look for a design that pairs perfectly with a suit. We recommend a black leather derby with a smooth finish. You can also opt for dark brown tones. To ensure a smart and polished look, choose a slim shoe with a single leather sole.

Charming and relaxed

There are many ways to dress up derby shoes, but the easiest way is to style them casually. Begin by choosing a pair that appears relaxed, such as a chunky style with thick soles, and matt finish the look. You can get a light-colored style or little vibrant colors. Put on some comfortable tops and jeans or chinos with your shoes. While your overall look will appear casual, your footwear adds a touch of style and refinement.


  1. How do you describe a men's derby shoe?

Compared to Leather Oxford shoes, Derbies have open lacing and are less formal. You can wear them in a suit, but you can also wear them with jeans or chinos.

  1. Do Derby shoes have a formal or casual look?

There is no such thing as too formal or too casual in derby shoes, so they go with anything. Derby shoes are quite versatile.

  1. Do Derby Shoes Go With Tuxedos?

Among the most popular shoes to wear with a tuxedo are black or blue derby shoes, but you can also try brown leather derby for a semi-formal look.

  1. Is it possible to wear Derby shoes in the summer?

Slip on a pair of black derby shoes to change things up a bit. Summer is the perfect time to wear this combination. When you want to look sharp without too much effort, opt for a dark brown vertical striped blazer and navy chinos.

  1. What are some styling tips for brown derbies?

Brown derbies shoes can be worn with suits, but they also look great with casual suits in flannel, hopsack, or cotton.